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    Mutiny Aboard Skylab 4

    Crew of Skylab 4 ring in the New Year with a mutiny in orbit. Maybe it sounds like a terrible science fiction movie or space opera plot but don’t click away. It actually did happen just as 1973 was ending and 1974 was beginning. Mission commander Jerry Carr, pilot William Pogue, and scientist Ed Gibson were in the midst a record 84-day mission, the final one to be conducted aboard the spacecraft before it was withdrawn from service, when they rebelled against NASA. Read more here.
  2. Natasha770

    Reddit and forums

    But there don't seem to be any sites that are in the middle in terms of size. This one is nice but really small. Reddit is obviously monstrous. So then what are the ones in the middle?
  3. We all have made mistakes in our lives and are likely to make more. If we are lucky, they were only small ones which we recognized for what they were quickly and managed to correct them will little difficulty and consequence. Perhaps some of us weren’t as fortunate and made larger mistakes which altered our life course in ways we regret and which we had more difficulty trying to fix or couldn’t identify a way to fix at all. When this type of mistake is committed even when we recognize it and do our best to rectify it, we may end up in a dark place were we hadn’t anticipated every finding ourselves. These quotes express wisdom and compassion about make mistakes and provide inspiration for when we make another and need a leg up to enable us to correct it. They can help you put your mistakes into perspective and get on with your life.


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