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  1. Tomreid

    Smart girl

    Very clever... I'm curious if she's the one who came up with it
  2. Tomreid

    Better than iPhone X?

    Yes, it's only available in Asia
  3. Tomreid

    Reddit and forums

    I imagine it’s an incredibly hard job for all the emerging websites to compete with giants like Reddit who’ve been in the business for so long... when people come to new places like this, which is nice, but not many want to be pioneers...
  4. I’ve been on iPhones since the very first model came out in 2007, I can’t see myself using an Android phone
  5. Tomreid

    Coolest video I've ever seen

    Is that you?
  6. Tomreid

    Fun fact

    Billy Goats pee on their own heads to smell more attractive to females
  7. I don’t know man, it is the way it is


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