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  1. YOLO

    Penguins in Antartica

  2. YOLO

    Rate the last movie you watched...

    Ocean's Eight My girlfriend talked me into watching the movie, never going to happen again. Total crap. 3/10
  3. YOLO

    A bearded man

    I actually quite like it... Very creative
  4. YOLO

    Rate the last movie you watched...

    Solo: A Star Wars story So-so. Not bad, not great... 6,5/10
  5. If something can go wrong it will. So true 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
  6. YOLO

    Serious question

    Was going to choose the second one, but then I heard what he said at 0:34 😟Hit me with a Tesla
  7. YOLO

    Rate the last movie you watched...

    Knock Knock The movie is one big cliche obviously, but because of those two hot girls and Keanu Reaves I give it a 6/10, otherwise it would be a 2/10 at best
  8. I am! That’s why I’m saying self driving cars are POTENTIALLY great, they will be much safer than human drivers, no doubt, I’m just disliking how companies behind driverless cars are prematurely putting them into action, they should test them to perfection first
  9. Self driving cars are potentially great, but the problem is that they’re causing a lot of accidents right now and going to do so for a while until becoming safe
  10. Deepwater My rating: 8/10 Not to give any spoilers, I’ll just say that it’s an unexpectedly good thriller movie.
  11. As if something similar never happened with male drivers...


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