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The Simon Dell Show marketing podcasts: all things marketing, advertising, tech & business.

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Each episode contains our ‘Spin Cycle’ segment with our two co-hosts Patrick Condren and Dr Edwina Luck, where we review three marketing and advertising stories from the previous week. When then have a long-form interview with a notable guest where listeners will get tips, ideas and guidance that they can hopefully apply to their own business. The episodes range from 60 to 90 minutes long.

Listen To Our Marketing Podcasts

We’re focusing on releasing a new episode of our marketing podcasts each week, so you can either check back here, or you can subscribe on iTunes by clicking the icon below to get new episodes sent straight to your phone or laptop.

If you get the chance to rate and write a review about our marketing podcasts, then we would really appreciate that. You can do that through iTunes, or with Soundcloud you can follow us and like the particular episode.

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